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Real economy competition is competition between countries

Date  2020-1-14 BRASSMACHINES CO.,LTD Views 4841
Competition between nations has always been competition in the real economy, and strong equipment manufacturing is the foundation of the real economy. With the advent of the new technological revolution and the transformation of the manufacturing paradigm, China''s manufacturing industry must meet the dual challenges of industrial upgrading space being blocked by the developed economy, and its low-cost competitive advantage being challenged by cheap substitution in developing economies. Stand up and take on the heavy tasks entrusted by the times, and formulate a new round of development strategies and growth models. 2013 CCTV Finance Forum "Major technical equipment: transformation and upgrading to high-end" Invited Zhu Hongren, Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Nanjing 1650t extrusion equipment production line, Yang Shuanchang, Deputy Dean of CCID Research Institute of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, General Manager of Mechanical Science Research Qu Xianming, former vice president of the hospital, Su Yongqiang, chairman of Shengu Group, Wang Min, chairman of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., and Qu Daokui, president of Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., discuss how to achieve the national backbone of the equipment manufacturing industry Manufacturing in the future? What are the opportunities and challenges on the way to catch up with developed countries?